Are you a contractor working in the IT or related industries and worried about IR35 and related accounting and tax paperwork?

You would be forgiven for believing that Umbrella Companies are the answer after reading their websites.

However, you would be very wrong.

To keep more of what you earn, you should consult a firm of independent and professionally regulated Chartered Accountants.

We offer a personal service uniquely individual to you.

We will discuss IR35 with you and how you can avoid being caught.

Umbrella Companies treat you in the same way as a PAYE employee.

You will be unable to set all business expenses against tax. High earners can lose thousands of
pounds every year in this aspect alone.

You will incur significant unnecessary amounts of both employees NIC at 12% and employers NIC at 13.8%.  Again, high earners can lose thousands of pounds every year in this respect.

You could incur significant unnecessary amounts of higher rate personal income tax.

You could lose the right to turn the Government's VAT system to your own advantage.

Instruct Alan Boddy & Co Chartered Accountants to act on your behalf and let us save you money
through our expert knowledge and advice.

You owe it to yourself.

Contact Alan Boddy F.C.A. here email: Tel: 01268 571466 Fax: 01268 570638